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Look at the plastic bottle you usually use.
It may be a bottle made by us.

ホーム: ようこそ!

What's New

Would you like to work with us?

Looking for manufacturing staff & operators!

Please check out the employment information from below press button.

        Special Edition

In June 2022, our C.E.O was interviewed with Cow Television. Please click below picture.


Road to SDGs

ホーム: ニュース

Product introduction

(Some of the products we are introducing may be sold out. Please contact our sales office for details.)

PET bottle container

For seasoning container

  • 200-500 ml

  • 870ml-1800ml

  • Grip bottle

PE / PP bottle container

For business container

  • Multi-layer bottle with handle

  • ECO can

Business items

Introducing our business items and production equipment.

★What's New
We have listed the heat resistance temperature in some product specifications.
We plan to extend this information to other products as well.

ホーム: 商品ページ

Company profile / Message from our CEO

Molding and sales of plastic products


Our company was founded in 1945, and since we started manufacturing plastic containers in 1959, we have been engaged in the manufacture of plastic products for half a century while responding to the needs of the world.

In recent years, the trend of the times has become faster and more intense than we have ever experienced, but we aim to be a company that will continue to grow for the future, and the entire company will work as one to continue to be the product of choice for our customers. I will try to make it.

We look forward to your continued support and patronage in the future.

  President and CEO      Kunihiro Yokomizo

ホーム: 概要
勝和産業バーチャル背景 - コピー.png

Corporate information

Showa Industry Co., Ltd.

■ Location / Headquarters / Factory 517-1 Mizokuchi, Chikugo City, Fukuoka, Japan 833-0012

TEL +81-94253-1511 FAX +81-94252-8851
・ Kanto Factory 659-17 Terauchi, Maoka City, Tochigi, Japan 321-4345

TEL +81-28581-5901   FAX +81-28581-5905

■ Establishment/ May 1945

■ Capital/ 50 million yen

■ Representative Director and President/ CEO Kunihiro Yokomizo

■ Accounting period/ July

■ Business description/ Molding and sales of plastic products

■ Transaction bank/ Bank of Fukuoka Chikugo Branch / Omuta Yanagawa Credit Bank Chikugo Branch

■ Chikuho Bank Chikugo Branch / Nishinippon City Bank Chikugo Branch


May 1945 Established Yokomizo Woodworking Co., Ltd. Started manufacturing wood products (wood wool and oribako) December 1956  Established Chikugo Wood Wool Industry Co., Ltd. (capital: 1.3 million yen)
May 1959 Start of hollow molding

May 1963 Changed company name to Showa Industry Co., Ltd. (capital: 5 million yen)
May 1970 Reorganized into a joint-stock company (capital 10 million yen)
September 1973 Relocated the head office factory to the current location and started injection molding

January 1974 Increased capital to 30 million yen

December 1984  Increased capital to 40 million yen

March 1985 Head office south factory (3,000 m2) completed
May 1989 Private power generator completed

June 1990  Stretch (PVC) factory completed

March 1992  PET factory (north) completed

January 1995  Increased capital to 50 million yen

October 1995 PET factory (south) completed

October 1997 Opened Kanto factory in Tochigi prefecture Started hollow molding

March 2001 PET factory expansion and renovation completed

March 2007 For automobile factory completed

May 2009 New PET factory completed

November 1st year of Heisei  Moved Kanto Factory to Maoka City, Tochigi Prefecture and started operations


Raod to SDGs


Businss line

Manufacture (standard or order products) / sales of PET / PP / PE products

We accept orders from customers with an integrated system from planning to manufacturing of products.

Marketing Area

Marketing area

We sell from 2 bases our company.


Quality & Production

Factory equipment / business establishment introduction

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