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In 2022, the "Hatsuuma" God ritual was held.

On Thursday, February 17th, the "Hatsuuma" God ritual was held at the Inari shrine on the premises of our company in the severe cold of 3 ℃.

"Hatsuuma" is a word that is hard to hear. The following is a quote from Wikipedia.

"Hatsuuma is the first day of February.

The first day of the year (that is, January) in the lunar calendar must be the first day of the year, but it usually means the first day of February, which is the festival day of the Inari shrine.

A worshiper who visits the Hatsuuma Festival visits at the Hatsuuma Festival, and this is sometimes regarded as one of the miscellaneous clauses. "

In other words, it is the Inari God ritual that takes place on the first "day of the horse" in February. "Hatsuuma" seems to be based on the prayer for a good harvest that year. (In the company, we pray for prosperity and safety)

Thirteen employees of our company, including the president, participated in the Shinto ritual, received prayers from the priest, and worshiped.

During the ritual, there was a happening in which the Tamagushi dedicator hit his head against the torii gate, but the ritual ended solemnly. ☺

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